To avoid exceeded waiting time, please observe the following advice:


Arranged apointments:

Monday and Thursday : 9.15-11.45 and 15.00-17.45

Tuesday and Friday : 9.15-11.45


  • can be arranged previously by phone

  • should be observed OR should be canceled early enough

  • should be arranged with the treating docter (if possible)


Urgent treatment:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

to be scheduled: 8.00

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:

to be scheduled: 14.00


  • only acute illnesses

  • only short visit

  • only scheduled at reception (8:00 or 14:00)


Laboratory testing:

Tuesday and Thursday: 8.00 – 9.00

  • have to be arranged previously at the consultation

  • to take a blood sample

  • please come empty- stomached i.e. without breakfast, only water or tea without

    milk/sugar is allowed


We still dont´t want a 5- minute treatment controled by stopwatch!!

That´s why despite of arranging appointments, waiting time is possible.

We ask kindly for your understanding.